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Hi and Welcome to the whimsical world of April Gloom!

My name is April Keroack and I'm an interdisciplinary (or multipassionate as I like to say) artist who lives in the Seattle, Wa area. Which basically means I've worked in a wide variety of mediums over the years from metalsmithing, to illustration, to sculpture. 

It was discovering air dry clays that really sparked my creative muse and I love to make seasonally inspired whimsical sculptures. My favorite holiday is Halloween so you'll find plenty of monsters lurking about but I think monsters would love to celebrate much more than only Halloween.. I know I do! 

My sculptures are inspired by vintage folk art, children's books, nature, and haunted places.

When I'm not in my studio I can usually be found hanging out with my family and our pets Nellie and Chloe (corgi and black cat), reading something spooky, going on hikes with Nellie, or watching horror movies.