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Oh hi and welcome to April Gloom!

My name is April and I'm an interdisciplinary artist just outside of Seattle, WA. While my background is in metalsmithing and ceramics I also love to draw.

I started April Gloom because I love little things that make me enamel pins and stickers...and wanted to share that with other people. My main influences are spooky things, horror, and corgis. Because corgis are the spookiest of all dogs. Really. No I'm not kidding.

April Gloom first launched Nov 2019 so I'm still just starting to fill my store. Please check back often because I'll be stocking new designs and I don't want you to miss any. 

When I'm not designing things for my store I'm probably watching a horror movie, reading something creepy, napping with the furry members of our family Nellie corgi and Chloe cat, or spending time with my husband and kids. 

Stay creepy!